About us

Man To Man… the number one exclusive gay massage in Athens!

Some words about us...

Man to Man is a pioneering massage company in Greece, based in Athens, that conducts home massage sessions exclusively from male therapists to male clients.

The thought and implementation of this idea came from men and is for men!

Our name alone signals our target audience, namely men’s desires and needs fulfilled only by men’s hands…

You can enjoy our services either by visiting us at our new premisses at Gazi (central Athens) or by calling us to serve you at your own place!

We serve at home, hotel, boat and also in the office! We also undertake corporate events!

Wherever you are, contact us and we will be there!

Our Place

We are glad to let you know that we can offer you our services at our new place in Gazi. We have created a modern and relaxing environment and we do hope that here you will find the massage you are looking for!

Our Massages

Massages available at our own premisses

gay χαλαρωτικό μασάζ
Relaxing Massage

35€ per hour

35€ for 60 mins, 50€ for 90 mins

Αθλητικό μασάζ
Sports Massage

35€ per hour

35€ for 60 mins, 50€ for 90 mins

deep tissue massage
Deep Tissue Massage

35€ per hour

35€ for 60 mins, 50€ for 90 mins,

Warm Candle Massage

45€ per hour

45€ for 60 mins, 60€ for 90 mins, 70€ for 120 mins.

μασάζ με λάδι κάνναβης
Massage with Cannabis oil

40€ per hour

40€ for 60 mins, 55€ for 90 mins

μασαζ body to body
Body to body – nuru massage

60€ per hour

60€ for 60 mins, 80€ for 90 mins, 120€ for 120 mins.

Τάντρα μασάζ
Gel massage

50€ per hour

50€ for 60 mins, 70€ for 90 mins, 85€ for 120 mins.

4 hands Relaxing - Sports - Deep tissue

70€ per hour

70€ for 60 mins, 100€ for 90 mins, 150€ for 120 mins.

4 hands body to body

120€ per hour

120€ for 60 mins, 160€ for 90 mins, 240€ for 120 mins.

Luxury Massage

100€ for 90 mins

20' body scrab, 20' face peeling, 45' massage with warm oil and hot towels

Massages available at your own place

gay χαλαρωτικό μασάζ
Relaxing Massage

60€ per hour

60€ for 60 mins, 80€ for 90 mins, 100€ for 120 mins.

Μασάζ στο τζακούζι
Massage in the Jacuzzi

110€ per hour

110€ for 60 mins, 140€ for 90 mins, 170€ for 120 mins.

man to man ashiatsu massage
Ashiatsu – barefoot

70€ per hour

70€ for 60 mins, 90€ for 90 mins, 110€ for 120 mins.

μασαζ body to body
Body to body – nuru

80€ per hour

80€ for 60 mins, 110€ for 90 mins, 140€ for 120 mins.

Αθλητικό μασάζ
Sports Massage

60€ per hour

60€ for 60 mins, 80€ for 90 mins, 100€ for 120 mins.

Find the masseuse that suits you!

  • You can choose your masseuse for services offered at your own place…. but you cannot do this for services offered at our own facilities.


Christos is a professional masseur and well known in massage spas in Athens.


Manos is excellent in all types of massages and has a unique touch that takes off all the senses.
kostantinos gay massage


Excellently qualified, through his studies and a tangible number of seminars he has attended, with the main theme being massage.
fotis massage


Fotis is a massage therapist, specializing in many types of massages.
Nikos gay massage


Nikos knows many types of massages and he is your best choice for the end of a tiring day.

Vasilis gay massage


Vasilis has over 10 years of massage practice and he is a great choice for a relaxing massage.

agelos massage


Angelo is specializing on relaxing and nuru massage.  A great choice!



Yiannis specializes in athletic and deep tissue massage. Book your appointment now!

Opening hours

Αt our premisses

We are open every day at our premisses between 12:00 at noon to 11:00 at night.

Αt your place

For an appointment at your own place we offer our services from 11:00 in the morning until 2:00 after midnight.

  • Appointments after 23.00 are charged with a late night fee of €15
  • Prices are valid for areas within 20 km distance from the center of Athens. Above 20 km and in hard-to-reach areas, a transport charge applies.
  • Prices do not include 24% VAT


If you wish to cancel your appointment, you must inform us at least three hours before.

Failure to inform in time makes you responsible for paying for the appointment.

If you do not notify us in time – earlier than three hours before – you will be charged for the session you have reserved.

If you book our service you automatically accept this term.

Man to Man - the number 1 exclusive gay massage in Athens!

Leoforos Konstantinoupoleos 66, Athens 118 54 (Gazi area)

Man to Man – the unique gay massage experience!